Wooden Playground Equipment

Information about wooden playground:

As part of the growing demand of the authorities installations wooden games,Oren company is working any time new facilities, which meet the requirements of customers.

Playgrounds are a fun place for children and therefore, should make children diversity and innovation.Gaming facilities to a pine recommends that customersAre facilities that are mostly made of wood and this is due, the harsh heat that country, most of the year.

The heat causes the metal parts may overheat and cause a burn children playground facility,In addition to this case and a child ran into the facility, the wood will absorb some of the impact, and the child will hurt less.Beyond the safety aspect, wooden installations are more special and more pleasant to the eye.

The children love to play installations and are not afraid of them.


Facilities is made of Finnish type 5.
Tree undergoes disinfection and preservation against moisture, pests and fire.
This process is called - impregnation.

Facilities incorporate other elements to create an experience for the children:

Metal elements - overflow pipe tunnels and crawl.
Plastic elements - slides, crawl tunnels and awnings.
Fiberglass elements - awnings and slides.
Elements cordage and rope - rope climbing wall, a rope net.

Challenging activities for children:

Climbing ladders, ropes, stairs.
Browsing slides, tunnels and pipes.
Facilities for children of all ages under the supervision of an adult.
If the facility is limited to certain ages, will be excellent on the facility.
Safety facilities and manufactured according to the Israel Standards Institute.

The facilities can be placed:

Amusement parks, playgrounds, parks, playgrounds, holiday villages and hotels accommodation.

Playing surface for the facilities is:

Sesame Garden, sand, rubber surface, synthetic grass + rubber surface.